Major Expenses Health Insurance
Personal Accidents
Optional insurance
Our employee benefits area is characterized for being an adviser, as our primary objective is to protect the welfare of your executives, employees and their families. Our experience in the industry allows us to design benefit plans and recommend the best protection program that best corresponds to your company's most valuable asset: its employees.
We optimize the benefit programs according to the specific needs of our customers, through:
     ●Knowledge and diagnosis of their programs.
     ●Design of conditions and coverage.
We have attractive benefit programs for employees, achieving greater retention and attraction of key staff at national and international level, as we are sure that employees are the foundation of every business, so that employee benefits are an important element in company salary and compensation programs, this is why we offer a variety of plans, programs and solutions with products aimed at protecting the life and health of your employees.
Major Expenses Health Insurance
At Protección Dinámica we design flexible plans with coverage that perfectly suit the budget of each company according to the needs of their employees, as we understand that a health insurance plan is not a luxury but a benefit that employees appreciate for being the best option in case of illness or accident that might affect and disrupt their family economy.
Protección Dinámica offers collective or group life insurance programs that allow the company to cover the risk of death, permanent disability, as well as organic losses of its employees, solving the obligation acquired through a collective agreement or voluntary social improvement and where this insurance offers different types to choose from and according to the needs of the company.

Besides guaranteeing the contracted benefits, group life insurance programs enjoy great flexibility, both in possible coverage variations and the insured community and with the main benefit of obtaining lower premiums by being a group insurance.
Personal Accidents
This is an insurance that provides family financial protection in case of death resulting from an accident at work, and/or travel to work, because accidents happen anywhere and are unpredictable, that is why at Protección Dinámica we have affordable options to reassure your employees and your company.
Optional insurance
The optional insurance program as employee benefits is a solution that allows our customers to add value to the total compensation package and thus implement a scheme that is highly valued and appreciated by all employees as it offers an extensive portfolio of options to provide them with more family protection.
The program brings along several advantages:
  • It allows employees to acquire coverage they could not acquire individually.
  • It gives them access to other benefit plans that the company does not offer them and that they need, under very favorable terms and prices.
  • It allows employees to value and appreciate their benefits.
Some insurance options:
  • Medical Care – Minor expenses.
  • Dental Insurance.
  • Vision Insurance.
  • Funeral Insurance.
  • Others.