How we work?  
We handle the entire process for our customers' risk management, carrying this out in the following stages:
1.1. Risk Management.
Assessment. ● Elimination.
● Reduction.
Treatment. ●Retention.
1.2. Determining Insurable Values.
Determining of coverages to be hired.
Determining underwriting rules for the sums insured (a current actual value or new replacement value).
1.3. Determining of deductibles
Proposals, if any, of hiring deductible.
1.4. Engineering Studies.
Discount procedures.
Amortization of investments.
1.5. Final proposal to the customer.
Comparison of conditions and costs.
1.6. Once the proposal is accepted, instruction to the insurer.
1.7. Implementation of simplified management systems.
Implementation - post-sales service
● 2.1. Procedure for issuing policies.
● 2.2. Review of policies and their text.
● 2.3. Delivery of policies to customer.
● 2.4. Statements.
● 2.5. Collection of premiums, always with check and/or proof of bank transfer on behalf of the policyholder or the bonding company.
● 2.6. Settlement of the premiums of the insurance and bonding companies.
● 2.7. Procedure manuals.
● 2.8. Control of maturities.
● 2.9. Advice on renewals.
● 2.10. Attention, counseling, monitoring and processing of all kinds of claims.
● 2.11. Direct service at customer locations when so required.
● 3.1. Visits, inspections and constant communication with policyholders to be aware of any changes presenting in the insured risks and thus adapt the coverages.
● 3.2. Permanent information to policyholders about new coverages or policy changes in the insurance market.
● 3.3. Training programs for insured staff.
● 3.4. Updated collection in any form of payment by means of monthly statement.