Cars and Trucks  
We have two divisions specializing in the attention and service to fleets:
 Fleet Area
 Fleet Claims Area.
Our experience as insurance agents in all types of transport, including from motorcycles to freight vehicles, has made us experts in providing the best advice in each of the cases of our policyholders.
We provide protection for:
  • Utility Fleet Cars and employees' cars
  • Fleets and/or Freight Trucks.
  • Armored Cars.
  • Tourist Cars.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Cargo Transport.
We know that a fleet of vehicles has as many users as drivers and because of the nature of the risk, requires special and personal attention.
Fleet Area.
  • Specialists in the structuring of programs for vehicle fleets, negotiating costs with insurance companies, placement, issuance and management.
  • Personalized service and attention.
  • Quotation, issuance and management systems of your fleet online and on the same day.
Fleet Claims Area.
  • Specialist in personal attention, counseling, monitoring and processing of all kinds of claims.
  • Claims analysis and trends for decision-making.
  • Process optimization.